There are many fitted wardrobes in the market. It is important that you choose the best one for your home. This is to prevent wasting your money and also your effort in the installation of the furniture.

The Space in Your Home

The space at your home is a very important factor to consider when making choice for the wardrobe. Before you make a choice for a wardrobe make sure that your home has enough space for it. you have to determine first the location where you are going to install the furniture. The best thing that you should do is to go for the wardrobe that could fit in the available space in you home. you don't have to worry finding. At Kleiderhaus we offer our clients completely bespoke fitted furniture to fit any standard or awkward space, from loft converted bedroom with sloping ceiling, Victorian house with tall ceiling or bedroom with alcoves.   

The Quality

Quality is the most vital issue when it comes to choosing fitted wardrobes, Kleiderhaus takes quality as a priority, offering clients with wardrobes made with the best design and properties.

The Design Of The Wardrobe

Fitted wardrobes are not only functional. They can also be very decorative, especially if you have made the right choice in choosing. Some wardrobes are made of wood that can render a traditional and country-home ambiance to your home. There are also wardrobes that come with sliding glass or gloss doors that can lend a modern appearance to the room. you have to evaluate the theme of your room and then choose the furniture that would complement it. At Kleiderhaus, we offer clients with various fitted wardrobes that comes with wonderfully great designs.

The Price Of The Furniture

The wardrobes also come in varying prices too. the price usually depends on the materials used, accessories, size and design of the furniture. To get the best price, it is best that you choose a reliable bespoke fitted wardrobe company like Kleiderhaus for your preferred bespoke wardrobes. As Kleiderhaus also offers great discount prices.

There are hundreds of sample wardrobes that you can choose from for your custom design, and you can easily find the style, color, and size of custom wardrobe that will fit in your room. Work with the designers to create your own wardrobe designs using the measurements that you have taken and various wardrobe samples that the designers can show you.

Take into account the important factors like the doors, what type of storage space you need, and what will be stored. Sliding Doors are perfect for rooms with limited space, while hinged doors will require room to swing outwards. Do you need hanging space, drawer space, or just shelf space? Will you be storing personal items in your wardrobes as well? All of these factors will be important in the wardrobe design of your custom wardrobe.