Bespoke designs are taking over freestanding furniture in the market. People are going after well-designed and stylish bespoke furniture whether it is a kitchen or a bathroom or a living room or a bedroom. Freestanding counterpart has been doing its work really well from the day it came into the picture. You would be having wardrobes, mirrors, storage boxes everywhere in your room. But don't you think it takes up a lot of space.

Core benefits of Fitted Bedroom Furniture that are worth to Know.

  • More Space
Ever noticed those dusty corners or hidden spots that are nooks for spiders and other bugs to have their remote little parties that freestanding furniture allowed? The main reason it happens is due to the standard height of 7' of these wardrobes.
Talking about bespoke furniture or mainly wardrobes, they completely leverage tall ceilings or awkward spaces. This means all the ugly suitcases that used to be kept on wardrobes and other mess that you used to have on display are eliminated. Instead, you get a neat and prim design like you.

  • More Material Options
Most of the furniture that you usually buy for your bedroom speaks just one phrase the day it starts living and that is "i'm bored" Well, the furniture itself is boring. Also, the low-quality material, usually medium-density fiberboard is used to make them which gets easily damaged.
As compared to freestanding furniture, bespoke is far better as you can use any material of your choice to make it. Establish your sense of style by adding stainless steel inlays, mirrors, glass and what not on your wardrobe's door.

  • More Storage
What happens when you bring in a freestanding wardrobe or any other furniture? You find space to store your things right! After dumping your clothes, accessories, shoes and what not in a wardrobe, still space is not enough. You nail hooks, place drawers in your bedroom to make room for your essentials.
Here fitted furniture comes into the picture! You always have a room for everything you want to store. Say you want to keep your ties organised. You can have a drawer just for them. Even in bespoke beds, you can store anything and everything you can ever think of.

  • More Style and Elegance
Freestanding furniture is manufactured for vast population so, if you , your neighbor and their neighbor are aficionados of wooden design, you're likely to have a similar look as there is nothing to distinguish your bedroom from theirs. No personal touch, if said bluntly!
Nothing is more appealing than executing a design that connects with your aura and taste. With fitted furniture, you can completely customise your bedroom the way you want.

With these benefits of fitted bedroom furniture designs, you would have got an idea as to why people are advocating it strongly. Opt for bespoke furniture designs by KLEIDERHAUS and make your bedroom spacious, attractive and full of style and storage options. Also rely on Kleiderhaus for the best quality Fitted Furniture, Sliding doors, Made to measure wardrobes, Bespoke furniture, Bespoke hinged wardrobes, awkward space storage, Loft wardrobes, and Sliding door wardrobes. We cover London and surrounding areas, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Cambridge, Birmingham and so on.